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Dental Care Available to All Residents of Park Slope 11215

Brookyln Dental is proud to serve the community of Park Slope Brooklyn. Our experienced dentists offer the kind of expert care, testing, and treatment that you expect…all in a modern office environment that provides comfort and relaxation, especially for those who are afraid of going to the dentist.

Our mission statement is simple: offer the best care with all the warmth and quality we can muster. Your concerns are our top priority. Each and every dentist on our staff makes it their job to deliver the best care possible to their patients.

The Dental Services We Offer The Residents Of Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

In our Brooklyn dental office we offer not only general as well as cosmetic dentistry, but also prosthodontic care. Our office is committed to bringing in the latest technologies and schools of thought when it comes to diagnoses, treatment, long-term care, and efficiency. We offer only the best in quality dental care. Take a look at a few of our services below.

Sedation Dentistry

We are proud ot have Dr. Amirian, who is a New York State licensed user of Oral Conscious Sedation. He offers sedation techniques through laughing gas, pill, or laughing gas. These help calm your nerves even for the most routine treatments that you may have issues with. This is also a great way to have many things done at once and in less time. Sometimes even in a single visit! We can even administer sedation dentistry for those just coming in for a cleaning. Have a nice doze while we take care of you.


Dr. Amirian is also your local Brooklyn Invisalign dentist, certified in all the proper techniques. He and his staff are committed to helping patients achieving the beautiful smile of their dreams. Is your smile impacting your social life? Come see us. We can offer you braces that cannot be detected because they are almost invisible. No more metal in the mouth. Our Invisalign trays allow you to be comfortable and to get on with your life. You don’t even have to adhere to a new diet, as the braces can be removed for meals.

Nobel Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Nobel Biocare’s 3D tech allows our staff to see your mouth in a whole new way. We can play ahead and make the best decisions for your implant locations, all without making a single incision. This means less discomfort for you as we don’t have to make unnecessary incisions. As if this were not enough already, we here at Brooklyn Dental also offer radiographic stents to make sure we get the perfect place for your implants. Computer generated images will show patients their brand new smile, allowing them to see and confirm their implants before they even go in – or before they even schedule the procedure!

Emergency Dentistry

We are proud to be available 24/7 for any of your emergency dental needs. Someone is always here waiting to take your call in case you have an emergency. New patients are welcomed for emergency situations. Toothaches, broken or cracked teeth, missing filling, or anything else that requires immediate attention is welcomed.

Convenient Location

Brooklyn Dental’s office is located in the Brooklyn Heights area, conveniently near all major public transportation. This includes the A, C, and 1-4 subways. You can either schedule an appointment by phone or online. Whichever works best for you!

Give us a call today or talk to us online to gget started with Brooklyn Dental!