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Did You Suffer A Dental Injury As A Result Of A Car Accident?  Our Board-Certified Dentists Are Here To Help.

We understand how hard it can be to find a reputable dentist who accepts No-Fault insurance, particularly when you have other injuries that have to be treated as well.  Our experienced Board-Certified dentists are dedicated to treating your dental injuries with all of their expertise, without you needing to travel a long distance from your home.  They are experienced in treating all types of trauma, including broken jaws, cracked or broken teeth, TMJ pain and more.  So don’t delay getting treated, give us a call today or fill out our contact form to get an appointment booked in your area to see one of our No-Fault Dentists.


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We know how hard it can be to deal with a dental trauma that is the result of a No-Fault car accident.  We have professional dentists on staff who can treat your pain and restore your smile.  So don’t wait to get treated any longer.  Give us a call today to get your injuries treated with expert dental care. Same Day appointments available And the consultation is Free.

There are some dentists in Brooklyn, New York who accept patients who claim they are injured only if they have New York State Liability, Dental Malpractice and Automobile No-Fault Policy and Workers’ Compensation.  There are some dentists who specialize in traumatic disorders and injuries for repairing injuries and supporting oral structure.

Sometimes when a doctor has a patient who has suffered severe physical trauma, the condition of the person’s jaw and teeth are often missed.  That is why a Brooklyn NY No Fault Dentist can help to repair your damage without any pain to either your pocket or you.  To ensure that you get the care you need and the coverage that you are lawfully entitled to, an airbag will need to be deployed and any potential traumatic injuries to your jaw and teeth must be reported.  If you have some loose teeth, make sure to report this the hospital and make sure you have all of the necessary legal representation, documents and records.  You need to ensure that you haven’t sustained any injuries to your jaw, gums or teeth.  If you feel any soreness, you need to report it right away to the emergency room, paramedics or hospital.

In order to receive complete and full coverage for all accident-related injuries, these are the important steps to take:

  1. Whenever an airbag deploys in an accident, report possible injury and trauma of the teeth and jaws to the police and anyone at the hospital.
  2. If you can feel ANY damage or injury to your teeth (such as cracks, loose teeth, pain, sensitivity), while in the hospital, make sure to ask for a dental consult.
  3. Confirm with your treating medical doctor that ALL injuries are documented, no matter how small they may be.  Make sure the doctor documents that you had damage to your teeth.
  4. If you wear any bridges or dentures and they are missing then report them missing right away.
  5. Make sure to get a Lawyer right away.  If you don’t have one then we can help with this, Call us and we will refer you to one.
  6. Make sure that your attorney files an initial application for no-fault benefits (NF-2) that documents all areas that may have been injured.  This is required in New York state.


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for any no-fault or auto accident claim…

If you were in a accident and injured by a car, whether you were driving, walking, or on a bike, in New York Sate, the insurance company of the driver that hit you is required by law to help you get the treatment to fix any damaged caused. You must get this documented and demonstrate that the damaged happened during the accident. So this is why its important to have a few things documented below

An accident report should be filled out with the police immediately at the time of the accident. This is a legal document describing the exact cause and extent of your injuries, which will be evidence used to treat your injuries.  Tell the police officer at the scene of your injuries so it can be used as a legal document.

If you were injured by a car, whether you were driving, walking, or on a bike at the time, in New York, the insurance company of the driver that hit you is required to help you get treatment to restore any damage caused.  Keep in mind,  If you don’t get your injuries documented its like it never happened.

This is why an accident report should be filled out with the police immediately at the time of the accident.  This way an impartial authority has created a legal document describing the exact nature and extent of your injuries, which will be ideal evidence when the time comes to have your injuries treated.  Most injuries become less visible as time goes by, so it’s very important to document ALL damages by making sure that they are noted in written reports and photographs as soon as possible. Tell the police officer on the scene about all your injuries, and ensure that he writes them down.

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