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Hello and welcome to Brooklyn Dental. We’ve been in business for over 35 years and offer world class dental care. We are 100% committed to our patients and provide a modern and relaxed environment to put you at ease. If you’re looking for the best dental service possible, then look no further, because you’ve found it. We listen to each one of our patients and ensure their concerns are addressed and each patient is completely comfortable. Our staff members are all extremely dedicated and work diligently to deliver top notch care that will simply blow you away.

Special Dental Care For Prospect Heights, Brooklyn Residents

In addition to offering cosmetic and general dentistry services, we also provide prosthodontic care. Our dentists use advanced technologies to ensure the comfort of our patients while also ensuring that each procedure is done efficiently and to the highest standard. Some of our equipment include dental lasers, digital x-rays, 3D software and Nobel 3D dental implant scanners and precision technology.

Getting Dental Implants – Have Missing Teeth? Get Same Day Replacement!

We offer dental implant placement surgery that can be done without any pain and almost no visible incisions. The Nobel cutting edge surgery technology allows us to quickly fit your permanent implant in a matter of minutes as oppose to the typical time frame of months.

So, if you’re wondering, what makes us unique, it comes down to the fact that each one of our procedures are completely personalized. We take the time to do accurate diagnoses and provide each one of our patients with the best possible treatment. Each one of our Brooklyn dentists are invested in your comfort, health and overall well-being.

The Brooklyn Dental Procedures & Technology

Brooklyn Dental provides top of the line dental care. See below for a quick summary of our dental procedures.

Sedation Dentistry: Sedation dentistry is exactly what it sounds like. Sedation dentistry involves the use of laughing gas and other forms of oral sedation to help patients relax or doze off during various dental procedures. This is particularly helpful for longer procedures which are completed in one day with the use of sedation. It is also excellent for anxious patients who may come in for a regular cleaning and allow them to relax while their dental needs are being tended to.

Invisalign: We also specialize in Invisalign and use this amazing technology to help our patients obtain straight smiles without anyone knowing they are wearing braces. Invisalign is almost completely undetectable and unlike most traditional metal braces, actually allows the patient to get straight teeth while using removable aligners. These removable aligners are excellent for older patients and those who have active social lives. Additionally, our patients don’t have to worry about restricting their diets or risking gum health as is the usual case with metal braces.

The Nobel Guided Implant Surgery: The Nobel Guided Biocare 3D technology is one of a kind and our staff use this to create detailed diagnostics and plans for implant placements without making even one incision. It allows for a greater deal of planning and preparation by our staff so that our patients don’t have to undergo pain caused by multiple incisions as was previously done. We take our time to do proper surgical planning by creating radiographic stents which are used to mark the exact spots of implant placement during surgery. The machine is then slid across the patient’s mouth and teeth during the surgery and it actually gives the exact placement for the implant. One other thing is that with our 3D imaging, we can create images of what a patient’s new smile would look like before they even schedule the surgery!

You can find our office in Brooklyn Heights which is near public transport systems and includes the 1,2,3,4, A, C subway. If you are looking for a high quality dentist in Brooklyn, then you should definitely stop by our office or call by phone. You can also schedule a dental appointment online right now on our website.

Have An Emergency? – We are always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any type of dental emergency you may have. All you have to do is call our dental office and we will try to help you asap. Our dentists are available for any type of emergency such as a broken tooth, cracked filling, bad toothache or whatever else may be the problem. Simply pick up the phone or visit our office and we will get any dental problem fixed.

Modern Dentistry for residents of Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY

So, if you live in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn and you need a caring and qualified team of dentists to treat all your dental needs you can call us any time for an appointment or free consultation.