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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Experienced Brooklyn Cosmetic Dentist – Brooklyn Heights Cosmetic Dentistry

Aside from achieving a healthy smile, many are concerned with having a smile that compliments their appearance.  Within his Brooklyn cosmetic dentistry practice, Dr. Amirian and his colleagues utilize the advances of modern dentistry to help patients achieve their perfect smile.  Experienced in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Amirian and his staff can help patients straighten, brighten, or repair their smile. 

One of the key features of his tech-savvy office is the implementation of SNAP Instant Digital Imaging.  With SNAP, Dr. Amirian and his staff can show patients what the outcome of their cosmetic dental procedure will be without ever touching their teeth.  At the initial consultation, Dr. Amirian and his colleagues encourage patients to express their cosmetic concerns as he offers feedback on possible treatment options.  Following the consultation, a digital photograph will be taken, and within minutes, patients can have a printed digital image rendering what their smile would look like with cosmetic dental treatment. 

These 3D renderings enable patients to visualize their treatment prior to scheduling any permanent procedure.  Because Dr. Amirian and his staff place a high emphasis on patient-focused care, the ability for their patients to understand the scope of treatment visually is especially significant. 

Cosmetic dentistry can involve:

  • Bonding – reshapes chipped or uneven teeth to perfect the aesthetic appearance of the smile.
  • Dental bridge – fills in the space of a missing tooth with a pontic, or false tooth, fused between two crowns that attach to adjoining teeth.
  • Dental implants – restore the functionality of teeth while enabling patients to confidently smile one again.
  • Gum lift – a cosmetic procedure that involves raising and sculpting the gum line to create a symmetrical appearance to the teeth.
  • Smile makeover – a transformation of the smile that involves several cosmetic procedures to restore the appearance of the teeth.
  • Teeth whitening – the dentist uses peroxide gels to brighten the shade of teeth.
  • Veneers – porcelain or otherwise fabricated laminates that are bonded on top of teeth.

If you think cosmetic dentistry techniques can improve the appearance of your smile, contact our office today.  We look forward to helping our patients achieve confidence in their smile.