Dental Implants

Dental Implants

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 Brooklyn Heights Dental Implant Dentist

Dental implants provide numerous benefits for patients with advanced periodontal problems or missing teeth, creating a permanent, stable foundation on which crowns or dentures attach.  Providing patients the luxury of dental implants in Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights, Dr. Amirian and his colleagues combine advanced technology with refined expertise to deliver treatment that maintains comfort, has increased precision, and offers relief from pain.   

If you or a loved one are suffering with missing teeth, dental implants provide a natural feeling solution that restores the functionality of teeth.  Past patients have expressed overwhelming elation at the functionality and appearance of their implants, stating they feel like natural teeth, and it’s as if their teeth were never missing. 

Using Nobel Biocare’s 3D technology, Dr. Amirian and his staff can view detailed diagnostics and plan implant placement prior to making incisions.  This precision in planning increases patient comfort by eliminating unnecessary pain caused by multiple incisions.  If increased accuracy weren’t enough, Dr. Amirian and his colleagues take surgical planning a step further in creating radiographic stents to pinpoint the exact location of implant placement during surgery.  These clear appliances slide over a patient’s teeth during the surgical procedure and give the exact location the implant is to be placed.  Patients can also see what their implant will look like prior to scheduling surgery with computer generated images of their new smile. 

With this advanced digital technology, patients can avoid painful stitches and decrease the amount of swelling they experience.  As a Brooklyn dentist certified in implant placement, Dr. Amirian provides his patients with knowledgeable advice concerning implant surgery. 

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Types of dental implant placement

When placing dental implants, all procedures begin by taking a mold of the patient’s teeth.  Dr. Amirian and his colleagues use this mold to study and plan the best surgical route.

  • Single tooth replacement – a single implant is placed in the location of the missing tooth.  After the implant has healed, a cosmetic crown is attached.
  • Multiple teeth replacement – multiple implants are placed in the area of the missing teeth.  When the implants have healed, a bridge is attached to the dental implants.
  • All-on-four – provides complete support for patients with dentures.  “Four” refers to the number of implants that are placed strategically within the patient’s mouth.
  • Implant-retained dentures – offers a fixed solution to removable dentures by placing permanent implants that the dentures can securely attach to.
  • Mini dental implants – smaller dental implants that are used to support dentures.  They are near identical to regular dentures but cost significantly less and do not require an involved surgery.
  • Teeth in a day – implants that are placed and receive a temporary crown within a single appointment.  This procedure enables patients to receive a complete implant and aesthetically beautiful tooth in just one day.

Why do I need dental implants?

Patients often ask why they are urged to replace missing teeth with dental implants, and the answer is quite simple.  When a patient loses an adult tooth, they will have a permanent empty space.  Without the root structure of a tooth to support, the jawbone begins to recede and continues shrinking over time.  As this happens, the shrinkage will cause a patient’s face to sink inward, making a once undetectable problem quite apparent and creating an aged appearance to the face.  A dental implant replaces the root structure of a natural tooth and maintains jawbone density when secured into the jaw.  Once the // and implant have fused, a permanent tooth or denture can be attached, allowing patients relief from worry, insecurity, and difficulty chewing and digesting food.

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