Minimally Invasive Guided Procedure

Today there are several state-of-art surgical techniques to place dental implants. These techniques allow us to place the dental implant in a single session using dental implant “keyhole” surgery. This process allows the implant to be placed into a hole in the gum roughly the size of the dental implant, instead of cutting a flap in the gums to reveal a larger area.

This new method has significantly simplified the procedure, for both patients and implant dentists. The major advantage of the guided surgical technique is the minimal amount of manipulation of the soft tissue due to removing the need to cut the gum. This flapless approach significantly reduces the healing time and the discomfort normally associated with traditional dental implant surgery techniques.

Advantages of Minimally Invasive Guided Implant Surgery

Some of the many benefits to implant placement through guided implant surgery are:

  • More precise implant placement
  • No cutting of the gums, leading to less bleeding and minimized swelling
  • Less pain after implant placement
  • Shortens the length of healing time
  • Eliminates errors

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