Below are some of the most frequently asked questions patients have about dentistry and oral health issues.  If you have any other questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, we would love to hear from you.

Q: How does the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System combat the sensitivity issue?
A: Our desensitizing method includes desensitizers that plug the orifices of dentinal tubules during bleaching to “prevent” bleaching sensitivity, rather than simply attempting to treat the symptoms. The “Hydrodynamic Mechanism” theory of tooth sensitivity states that movement of the fluid within dentinal tubules is responsible for mechanically activating the nerves at the periphery of the pulp, causing a painful reaction. When the natural smear plugs are lost from the orifices of dentinal tubules, fluid within the tubules can move thirty-two times more freely, causing dentinal hypersensitivity.

The oxygenation process during bleaching not only deeply cleanses the tooth, but also actively displaces the plugs in dentinal tubules, leaving the tubular fluid susceptible to flow. The bleaching chemicals create an osmotic gradient in fluid flow within the dentinal tubules outward from the pulp. The result is typical bleaching sensitivity, which can sometimes be very acute.

Potassium nitrate, often recommended for treatment of sensitivity, does not plug tubules. In some patients it partially reduces the ability of the pulpal nerves to fire. This affect does not eliminate the pulpal inflammation, and only partially masks the symptoms. Some claim ACP will block dentinal tubules, however ACP has been primarily developed and studied in relation to repairing highly inorganic enamel, not the more organic dentin. Even if ACP were to cause mineral formation within dentin, which is much more organic in nature than enamel, it would do so by slowly “growing” tooth structure instead of actively and rapidly “plugging” tubules.

KöR desensitizers actively and rapidly plug and re-plug the orifices of the dentinal tubules during bleaching to “prevent” pulpal inflammation and sensitivity rather than simply treat the symptoms. The first desensitizer, applied at chairside, plugs tubules. The second desensitizer, applied by the patient daily at home, also plugs tubules via HEMA binding with intratubular proteins as well as precipitation of calcium fluoride within tubules.

Q: How is it possible to get consistent whitening results every time?
A: With our revolutionary KöR Deep Bleaching Trays, and specially formulated KöR Whitening gels, we are able to achieve 6+ hours of active whitening instead of the common 25-35 minutes.

This will condition every patient’s teeth so that they become permeable to bleaching factors (whitening byproducts of peroxide). The more conditioned and permeable teeth are to bleaching factors, the better they whiten. We have several years of research behind us, and the developer, Dr. Rod Kurthy, has personally seen the system through development and clinical testing every step of the way.

When followed appropriately, Dr. Kurthy’s KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching Training Manual ensures “get it right” accuracy. Add to all of this our unique refrigeration process, not to mention the thousands of dental professionals who are singing the praises of KöR’s reliability, our satisfaction guarantee, and you have every confidence that you’ll get it right all the time.

Q: What makes the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System permanent?
A: Unlike other whitening methods the KöR System is able to fully rejuvenate and restore teeth to their youthful ability to absorb bleaching factors; allowing pigments and stain molecules to be fully flooded by bleaching factors, thoroughly breaking down large stain molecules to ultra-small colorless and white particles.

The resultant conditioning and permeability of the teeth to bleaching factors facilitates easy, effective periodic at-home maintenance by patients, keeping the level of whiteness absolutely permanent, while still allowing patients to consume coffee, tea, red wine, etc.

Q: Is the full system necessary to make it work?
A: Yes. Following the complete recommended system is the only way to achieve whitening results that will fully satisfy you. As long as all steps are followed you will get a fabulous result every time.

No matter how small a step is, not following it may result in unsatisfactory results. The results of KöR Whitening are not due to a single “magic bullet,” but rather a complete series of technique steps that together with ideally-matched products result in the amazing whiteness you’ve seen and heard about.

Q: What are the benefits of KöR Whitening VIP Membership?
A: Become a KöR Whitening VIP Member by ordering the complete KöR whitening system. Using the complete system not only ensures utmost whitening effectiveness, but makes you a KöR Whitening VIP Member. As a member, you have access to these exclusive benefits:

    • Your name, practice and website listed on the patient referral section of consumer KORwhitening.com website
    • Your first set of KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching Trays made FREE, created by Evolve Dental Technologies’ in-house lab experts
    • Access to special KöR Whitening offers
    • Updates and alert emails from Dr. Rod Kurthy, including videos explaining important news and enhancements (no, we never give out your email address to others, and emails are only sent when important new information becomes available)